Change Log

v18.04.01 released 5 April 2018

  • Fixed: Removed reporting for 'Invalid Session' errors.
  • Fixed: BUY confirmation email now reports data for "Between 4000 and 8000" Monthy Income range.

v18.03.02 released 20 March 2018

  • Fixed: Threading problem and multiple agents sometimes running.
  • Added: Duplicate BUY order could occur if the server returned an error following a successful BUY operation.

v18.02.02 released 17 February 2018

  • Fixed: Standardised email subject lines, all now start with "Provance-LC:".
  • Added: Automatic email notification when Lending Crowd resumes operation following being down for maintenance.
  • Added: Automatic email notification when connection to the Internet was re established following an unexpected disconnection. This is ‘opt-in’ through the application setting 'Notify on Disconnect' found under the Notifications tab.

v18.02.01 released 13 February 2018

  • Fixed: Filters now round down any invalid value to the nearest $50. Initial investment rounds up to $50 if previously set less than 50.

v18.01.04 released 16 January 2018

  • Fixed: If using the If using the option to 'BUY even if Filter allocation exceeds your Available Funds' it could on occassion invest a value that was not a multiple of $50.

v18.01.03 released 15 January 2018

  • Fixed: The detailed loan BUY confirmation email should have had the investor ID, not loan ID. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: The 'under offer' loans on the General tab were incorrectly showing Business instead of Personal in some cases.

v18.01.02 released 14 January 2018

  • Added: ID value to the detailed loan BUY confirmation email.

v18.01.01 released 13 January 2018

  • Fixed: The form title was not being updated with 'TEST MODE' on startup.
  • Fixed: If disconnected because of bad credentials the Connect button was not being set to the correct state.
  • Added: Added 'BUY if filter amount exceeds available funds' option.
  • Added: Added 'Notify on Disconnect' notification option.
  • Added: Added application setting to include full loan details on BUY confirmation email.

v17.12.05 released 26 December 2017

  • Fixed: An error during the keep alive ping and loan checking could cause the client to crash. This no longer occurs and the session is invalidated forcing the client to auto login and resume checking.
  • Fixed: Fatal error that would occur if attempting to view the log when it didn't exist.
  • Fixed: Reduced application startup time.
  • Minor reducing in logging verbosity.

v17.12.04 released 22 December 2017

  • Fixed: Bug that would cause the agent to disconnect if the user disconnected, then reconnected.
  • Fixed: Minor UI issues.

v17.12.03 released 20 December 2017

  • Fixed: Fatal disconnection would occur if the internet connection droppped. Application now remains 'connected' and attempts a connection to LC every 5 minutes.
  • Fixed: Improved the 'no Internet' check, to reduce the likelihood of false positives.
  • Fixed: Reduced the timeout period when the host is unreachable from 5 minutes to 2. If an internet connection cannot be found the retry period stays at 5 minutes.
  • Fixed: Disabled filters were not displaying their name correctly in the filter list.
  • Fixed: Error checking when buying a loan but the loan is filled before the request can be made.
  • Fixed: Reduced the default retry period following an unexpected error from 90 to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed: No longer report exceptions when session is invalid during an HTTP request.
  • Added: Credit Rating History filter options.
  • Added: Application link to the Lending Crowd website on the General tab.
  • Added: Donate button to the About form and system tray context menu.
  • Added: New diagnostic logging; See the tooltip info for 'anonymous usage data' option on the Advanced Options tab for a full list of what is collected. Anonymous means anonymous!

v17.11.05 released 28 November 2017

  • Fixed: Attempt to fix a hang (lack of activity) that would occur during loan checking.
  • Fixed: Tidied up the format of unhandled exception emails.
  • Fixed: Between the hours of 7pm and 6am the delay duration was incrementally getting longer. It should remain less than a few minutes. Thsi has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Spelling error in the threshold warning email.
  • Fixed: Improved handling of the retry when LC site is down for maintenance.

v17.11.1 released 18 November 2017

  • Fixed: Crash that could occur if the LC server didn't respond to a request for available loans.
  • Fixed: Excessive emailing when a loan meets the conditions of a Test filter.
  • Fixed: The Disconnect button was sometimes gaining focus after clicking Connect. To prevent accidental disconnects this is unwanted behaviour and has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Debug logging in the Activity Log was no longer tracking sleep period. This has been put back.
  • Fixed: Reduced the maximum wait time between checking for new loans by 30%.
  • Added: Feature to have the application automatically restart/connect on Windows login.

v17.10.93 released 8 November 2017

  • Fixed: If the filter parsing resulted in an investment amount less than the LC minimum the BUY order could still be attempted. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Under specific conditions a disconnection could occur without the user's input. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Bug where the order of checking available cash and 'allocate for funding remaining' were incorrectly ordered and could result in the application incorrectly reporting insufficient funds for the loan.
  • Added: All date/time processing now occurs against New Zealand Standard Time. This allows international users or computers with regional settings not set to NZ to still participate during operational hours in NZ time.
  • Added: Increased operational hours from 7am-9:30pm to 6am-1am.
  • Added: Notification option that sends an email when the Available Cash balance reduces below a defined value.
  • Added: Reduced the retry period following a bad response from 5 minutes to 2.

v17.10.92 released 30 October 2017

  • Fixed: Situation where a bad response from reading the account details would leave the application disconnected.
  • Fixed: Returns earlier from loan checking if it's determined there's already an investment made.
  • Added: When sleeping (out of hours), the status bar now shows scheduled wake-up time.

v17.10.91 released 23 October 2017

  • Fixed: Application now handles loss of internet connection and automatically attempts to reconnect every 5 minutes until either the connection is restored or you Disconnect.
  • Fixed: The Disconnect button no longer gains focus after clicking Connect.
  • Added: Additional diagnostic logging.
  • Added: Can no longer run multiple instances of the application.

v17.10.9 released 17 October 2017

  • Fixed: Filters with Type=Personal were incorrectly saving as Type=All. This has been fixed.

v17.10.8 released 16 October 2017

  • Fixed: Settings were not being saved in some instances following a new installation of the application.
  • Fixed: General tab was not being updated immediately with details of the last successful loan investment.
  • Fixed: Some users experienced issues getting the error state to be removed from the credential fields. This has been fixed.

v17.10.7 released 15 October 2017

  • Added: Improved username/password security if you choose the option to Save Credentials, between sessions.
  • Fixed: Reverted the "Checking for available loans" message to Info so it's more apparent the application is working.
  • Fixed: Disabled mousewheel scrolling on scrollable Filter fields, e.g. Grade, Term, etc. It was very easy to accidently change filter settings when scrolling the screen.
  • Fixed: Reduced the number of potential service calls if more than one elegible loan is available.
  • Fixed: Application now informs you (on start-up) if there is a new version available.
  • Fixed: Better UI handling of disconnects as the result of invalid user credentials
  • Fixed: Reduced the number of potential service calls if more than one elegible loan is available.
  • Minor fixes around update checking and keep alive ping management.
  • Minor UI performance improvements.

v17.10.6 released 12 October 2017

  • Added: New application setting controlling the visible log levels in the Activity Log tab. (Defaults to Info, the least verbose option.)
  • Added: Test Mode for individual filters. Allowing you to test specific filters without disabling those you know to work correctly.
  • Added: Option (Allocate for Funding Remaining) to invest in a loan even when the available amount of funding remaining is less than your filter is configured to invest.
  • Added: The system tray icon will show in muted colours when disconnected, and full colour when connected.
  • Removed weekend 'active hours', all days are now treated equal.
  • Extended 'active hours' from 07:30-21:30 to 07:00-21:30.
  • Fixed: New installer to resolve false positive malware and security warnings seen by some users.
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions a filter could fail to correctly validate on Type (Business or Personal).
  • Fixed: Typo in AgeInvestment filter option. If you are using Age as a filter option please check all filters to ensure it's set as you want it.
  • Fixed: Open Loan Notes table on the General tab now correctly shows Business or Personal for the loan Type.
  • Fixed: Keepalive timer is now asynchronous and not impacted by other work being performed by the loan parsing agent.
  • Fixed: Location of application configuration and log files have been standardised.
  • Fixed: Now handles 'down for maintenance' scenario with graceful auto retry period and UI information updates.

v17.10.4 released 5 October 2017

  • Fixed: 'Open Settings File' now defaults to Notepad as the default file editor.

v17.10.3 released 4 October 2017

  • Fixed: Now supports Institutional investors.
  • Fixed: The Net Interest Received field was incorrectly showing Gross Interest Received.
  • Fixed: Now handles account details that may have null fields, e.g. Net Annual Return (for new accounts).
  • Fixed: Taskbar icon not longer disappears when restoring the application if option to Minimise to the System Tray is enabled.
  • Added: New filter options to exclude loans if the borrower doesn't have Property Security or Death Cover. This works separately to the already existing Additional Investment amounts for each.
  • Added: Flex Interest Paid and correct Gross Interest Received fields.
  • Minor UI fixes.

v17.10.1 released 2 October 2017

  • Fixed: Restart bug where the app wouldn't wake from sleeping.
  • Fixed: Bug on the About form that wouldn't correctly detect a new version was available.

v17.10.0 released 1 October 2017

  • New: Refactored Loan Filters, allowing for greater granularity in deciding whether to issue a BUY order or not.
  • New: The new loan icon is now removed from the Activity Log tab after viewing, not when first viewed.
  • New: Application options are now disabled from editing if Connected. Disconnect to edit then re-connect.
  • Fixed: Error that would occur if you disconnected outside of operational hours and then attempted to reconnect.
  • New: Added visual indicators when the application is running in Test Mode (window title and icon in the tool strip along the bottom).
  • New: Application checks for updates on startup and after waking.
  • New: Application version to provide clarity for how old the release is.
  • Fixed: Logic error that could incorrectly report it was outside of operational hours.
  • Fixed: Clarified the Keep Alive interval setting documentation.
  • Fixed: Optimized loan vs. filter validation, reducing network service calls and logging.
  • Fixed: System tray icon behaviour and added quick action context menu options, Open (restore the application window), Check for Updates, and Exit.
  • Fixed: Email subject would be null if notification address was set but not username.
  • Fixed: Validation is more robust.
  • Fixed: Minor user interface fixes.

v0.5.0 released 7 September 2017

  • Fixed: Application now uses keepalive ping to keep sessions open. If the session times out or becomes invalidated the application performs a login and resumes operation.
  • Fixed: Out of hours would fail if the application was started after midnight but before start time.
  • Fixed: Fixed spelling error on the About tab.
  • New: Log files now archive at 2mb to the \archives folder.
  • New: The Notification test email is now disabled if you're connected. To use it Disconnect and then send the test email.
  • New: Improved version checking.

v0.4.1 released 2 September 2017

  • Fixed: Previously minimizing the window moved it to the system tray. An option has now been added to enable this behaviour which is off by default. The default behaviour minimizes to the task bar.
  • Fixed: Fixed format of the date and time in the test email.
  • Fixed: Investment account details are now updated following a BUY order.
  • New: Reduced the polling frequency and overall hours of operation for Saturday/Sunday.
  • New: Tidied up balance checking logic that occurs before issuing a BUY order.

v0.4 released 1 September 2017

  • Fixed: Username field no longer needs to be an email address.
  • New: It's now possible to disable email notifications and still run the auto investor.
  • New: Improved installation and upgrade procedures by moving to an automated installer.

v0.3 released 31 August 2017

The first public release of the LC Auto Investor client is now available.